"When people ask if I read fine literature I tell em yea I read"

-Jodi D'ercole @jodidercolee

Nice to meet you!

If you can hear the sound of my voice, you're in line to read  Do me a favor and have any pens ready and autograph books open to your favorite page!  We do have a PhotoPass partner at this location, so please have a Magicband, park ticket, or PhotoPass card for them to scan as well.  If you have any personal devices like a camera or cell phone, we'd be happy to take photos for you on that as well.  If you have any more questions, my name is Kaitlyn, and I'll be walking up and down the line for you!

I grew up in NJ, and went to college in NYC.  Growing up, I loved theatre, so I wanted to be as close to Broadway as possible when I went to school.  I got my degree in Communication Studies, and on the way, I joined a sorority I truly loved.  This is the last time I talk about anything not related to Disney on this page, so I guess I'll talk about some of the non-Disney things I love: Sims, laptop stickers, rewatching Glee, baking, John Mulaney, Saturday Night Live, Riverdale, Ariana Grande, my planner.

When all is said and done, I'm really just a girl with a passion for writing and Walt Disney World Resort.  I started writing for DISboards in 2013, and have been going to WDW annually since 2014.  The whole family has the Disney travel bug.  Here we are!  We love our DVC Home Resort, the Polynesian Village Resort.  Together, we've done ~8 vacations as a family.  We love The Wave of American Flavors, spending the morning at Magic Kingdom, and stopping to watch the Citizens of Hollywood.  Above all, we love how Disney brings us closer together as a family.

I'm the planner of the family.  I always have been.  I've been so interested in Disney for so long that people now come to me for Disney advice.  My phone is always ready for that "can I ask you a question about Disney" text, and I can't say I'm not totally flattered every single time.  If you have questions about your WDW vacation, I totally got you!  It's one of the reasons I started tinkerkait.  I love Disney so much that I let my life journey lead me to being a Cast Member not once, but twice.

There's a special place in my heart for the Walt Disney World College Program.  My first Program was Fall 2016 as an Attractions hostess at Peter Pan's Flight, then I completed a second Program as a Character Attendant for Spring Advantage 2020.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 epedemic had different ideas for the Disney College Program that season, but the month I spent in my dream role will stick with me forever.  Today, I dedicate a lot of time and creative energy towards helping applicants and future CPs so that they can realize their own dreams with the Disney College Program.

Between my two Disney College Programs and all of the vacations I've spent with my family, I've had time to really discover what I love most about Disney.  I love Epcot, and long afternoons spent exploring the World Showcase.  I love balmy mornings spent at a quiet table in Storybook Circus.  I love Joffrey's iced coffee, and long chats about the mainland with my favorite pixie.  Above all: I love the people.  I love my Cast family, I love my DCP family, and I love being part of the most magical fan community on earth.  So wherever you're visiting tinkerkait from, I hope that you take the time to connect with me!  I'm so excited to meet you.


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