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Thursday, January 16, 2020

youtubers who are getting me excited for my disney college program

arrivals are about to start for spring 2020 and i am freaking out!  with the clock ticking down on my own dcp spring advantage 2020 countdown, i've turned to these youtubers to keep me sane here in nj.

The final countdown is on for me!

This has been such an exciting week for Spring arrivals!  This week, the first batch of WDW Arrivals checked in, and the 1/21 arrivals got their Program itineraries!  Program itineraries, which now get sent a full week before your check-in date, include your work location and apartment complex: two things I am very eager to find out!  I'm a little over two weeks away from finding out my work location/apartment complex, and a little over three weeks away from my check-in day.

In my Character Attendant role explained post, I mentioned that my location can only be one of the four Parks.  I am so excited to know which Park I will call home this time around!  Truthfully, my relationship with my location is not going to be as intense as it was during my first Program, where I was an attractions hostess who stayed at my one location for six months.  I know a few people who are part-time, full-time, or seasonal in entertainment, so I'm at least slightly aware of the strengths and challenges of each base and I would be excited to find myself anywhere!  I'm just dying to know where my base will be so I know what to expect in a weekly schedule drop, what my opportunities for specialty location training will be, and what to generally expect for the bulk of my Program!  Also: I really want to know which apartment complex I'll be living in this year!

All of this speculation has made me extremely anxious for the coming weeks.  As excited as I am, I need to find ways to fill my time while others are starting the Program and I'm still anxiously sitting around here in NJ.  Lately, I've been doing anything and everything I can to fill my time so I don't literally go crazy.  In the past few days, I've watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos to help kill time and keep me excited for this Program!

Here are all of the incredible creators I've been watching lately.  Please go subscribe to them and check out their videos!

Part of Brooke's World

This video, "What It's REALLY Like Being CHARACTER ATTENDANT in Disney World," was the first vlog I watched after I was accepted for Spring Adv. 2020.  From here, I spiraled into Brooke's channel.  Brooke is an ICP alumn from Canada who has done two CEPs: one in Merchandise and one in Character Attendant.  Her channel is full of fabulous information on Disney Programs in general, but there's specifically a lot of great content about Character Attendant here, including these videos on what's in her Character Attendant pouch, Character Attendant training, her ranking of the characters she worked with, and a Character Attendant Q&A.  Her channel has been so helpful in allowing me to set a mental foundation for this upcoming Program.  She is as honest as she can be while maintaining Character Integrity, helping me set realistic expectations for the strengths and challenges of this upcoming job.  If you're curious to know more about the Cultural Exchange Program, the Character Attendant role, or Disney Program life in general, please check out Brooke's channel!  She delivers the answers you want to know with a sparkly mermaid vibe.

Lo French/Life with Lo

I 👏LOVE 👏LO 👏.  LOVE this girl.  She is the most relatable Program Vlogger I have ever watched.  A 2019 Character Attendant ICP Alumn, Lauren is frequently hilarious and honest when talking about the highs and lows of her Program.  As an Alumn, I can tell you that this video about her Character Attendant pouch looks exactly like how my Courtyard costume pockets looked towards the middle of my Program-- full of hair ties, bump-out slips, cough drops, pens, stickers, and assorted other trinkets and pieces of paper.  As a YouTuber, she has one of the most chill and friendly vibes on the DCP side of YouTube.  Her casual and conversational videos have helped me feel both excited and relaxed about my upcoming Program, reminding me that this special job is a lot of work, but it's also a tremendous amount of fun and so rewarding!  I also really love her eyeshadow looks.  10/10, would recommend.

Madissen Lewis

Madissen is another DCP vlogger I love.  When she did her Spring 2018 Program as a Character Attendant, she made this video to break through the "bubble" of DCP social media spheres, which paints the Program as an perfect 8 months of having fun in the Parks with your perfect Commons apartment and perfect job that you rarely work at.  The reality of this Program is that it is not all bubblegum wall pics and Mickey premium bars.  This video in particular is a really great summary of the Program.  Sometimes, you have $40 in your bank account and scheduling decides to take 2 of your shifts away.  That doesn't mean you don't still go out and have fun with your friends in Epcot and Winter Garden.  Her second week in her life vlog was equally as real and fun!  Both of these videos are refreshing to me because they remind me that even though the DCP life can be a struggle bus, every week brings opportunities to explore the Parks and make magic.  Madissen is now a Seasonal CM, so please go continue following her journey.  Madissen's channel is an overall very chill, very funny, very realistic look at the Program that I highly recommend to anyone considering applying for the DCP.

Tess Koman: The Iconic Eats Series

Tess is not a Disney College Program vlogger, but I cannot stress this enough: you must watch her Iconic Eats series on the Delish YouTube channel.  I can't stop watching her videos and every time she posts a new one, it immediately becomes the highlight of my day.  Never in my life have I been so obsessed with one person and her valiant quest to eat every snack at every tourist destination in America.  Braving large birds, swarms of bees, scareactors, and 100+ degree weather, Delish editor Tess Koman stops at nothing to provide the content that Theme Park-goers so desperately need.  Dollywood, Legoland, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, even Coney Island-- no stone is left unturned in her country-wide search for the greatest snacks in America.  She is the wind beneath my wings and I am patiently waiting for Season 2 of Iconic Eats.

These are just four YouTubers who have been keeping me excited for my upcoming Disney College Program, but there are so many out there who make incredible vlogs about their time living, learning, and earning with Disney!  If you have any vloggers who you think I should be watching, please comment them down below and I will subscribe to them!


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