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Monday, October 29, 2018

don't be fooled by the pink

 ... she is not playing dolls.  notice anything different about tinkerkait.com?

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When I started this blog in August, I knew that tinkerkait was going to be my most ambitious personal project, like, ever.   It was the first time I had ever put down money on a blog, and it was going to be worked in conjunction with my newly christened dinsta, which is also {tinkerkait}!

Starting my own blog had been a dream of mine since high school... seriously.  We all had to do a senior project on a job we wanted, and I chose to do my project on being a blogger.  I started getting my foot in the door when I embarked on my Disney College Program journey with a small, personal wordpress operation, and then I tried my hand at a lifestyle blog that I just couldn't get into.  I wasn't invested enough in what I was writing, and I never felt inspired enough.  I was starting to think that maybe, blogging just wasn't my calling.  But then I found fairy god bloggers.  Every week, I felt inspired to write about Walt Disney World Resort.  And I quickly realized soon afterwards that my true calling was the intersection between my two passions: writing and Disney World.  So this past August, I put down the money I needed to start my own domain.  Welcome back!

I am so, so proud of tinkerkait.com.  I love this blog, and when you love something, you have to be willing to help it grow and thrive.  A stagnant blog does not make for profit or a nice, warm feeling of fulfillment deep down in your tummy.  Because I love tinkerkait, I've spent this past weekend helping her become her best self... by updating her theme!  I know I haven't posted content in a little over a week, but I promise I have some great stuff coming now that I've given her a makeover.

I'd like to thank Vanessa at {BlogPixie} on Etsy.  She created this theme, which is called Peony Diaries!  Not only did she send me a super-helpful guide on how to set up the theme from start to finish, but she also sent me a custom header image.  She is amazing.  If you're in the market for a new theme, you just can't go wrong with Vanessa.  I seriously could not be happier with how it turned out.  Peony Diaries is responsive, beautiful, and above all: it really captures what tinkerkait is about here.  It's a clean, modern, and whimsical millennial pink theme for me to showcase my adventures in Walt Disney World!

Anyway, thanks for sticking around.  I have gotten a lot of great, positive feedback (mostly from personal acquaintances) since this blog started, and I can't wait to watch her thrive as time goes on.  Some of my previous posts might look wonky because they haven't been reformatted to fit the new theme yet, but I'm working on it!

To make up for the lack of content this week, I published a new page on the blog!  Click around on my fancy-schmancy new header links and you'll find it: {my ultimate disney world packing list!}

Thanks again for following along.

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