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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

lifestyle post: september favorites

September always marks a crazy month in my life.  Back-to-school szn can be pretty stressful, especially for college students who have to pick up their lives and move back to their respective universities.  Being thrown back into the world of writing papers, on-campus jobs and philanthropy work is a huge adjustment. 

People love to talk about the "little things" in life.  Most people will tell you that it's the "little things" that brighten up a dull day.  And I completely agree with them!  It's the little things in life that makes the stress and monotony of day-to-day academia bearable (for me, at least).  So my post today is about all of the little things I've been obsessed with this month.  There's pixie dust and pumpkin spice to go around, so grab a seat and your favorite mug.

Erin Condren

This is the really big one this fall, so I figured I'd start here.  When your entire life is based around class assignments, a part-time job, and sorority events, you need a planner.  Erin Condren has saved my life with the Academic Planner.   

Let's start with the basic dimensions: The Erin Condren Academic Planner is a 7" x 9", 232 page, spiral-bound book.  It's chunky, but it's short (much like myself), and fits perfectly in my backpack among my laptop, charger, and notebooks.  There is so much that I love about this planner.  Being that this is a planner specifically for students, the layout is perfect for keeping your academic affairs in order.  The first 10 pages are for writing down notes about projects and exams, the 12-month calendar is unlabeled (which means you can start right from September, which I really loved), and even the weekly layouts are clean and crisp.  In typical Erin Condren fashion, the planner comes with a sheet of stickers in the back labeled for tests, projects, study groups, and more that you can stick on your monthly layouts.

I've been living in this planner.  I'm obsessed with it, I open it up and show it to everyone who will let me.  I think I just love the Erin Condren lifestyle?  As soon as I moved back into my dorm, I bought more accessories from their website.  One of the reasons I really enjoy Erin Condren is because it caters to my ~*~ natural gemini desire ~*~ for customization and change.  There are so many interchangeable covers, customizable stickers, and other accessories on their website that you'll never be bored with your planner again.  Invest in the Erin Condren life here.

band.do + Starbucks

Lip Smackers

At my school, anything you can find at our campus Starbucks-- mugs and apparel included --can be purchased with your meal plan money.  That makes it wise to get to the Starbucks on campus as soon as it opens on select days, because you can find a limited quantity of great finds, like the band.do + Starbucks line of products!  I didn't know band.do was partnering with Starbucks until I visited the Starbucks on my campus the day it opened for the semester.  I was thrilled to see the collaboration between my favorite coffee provider and one of the trendiest lifestyle brands on the market!  I've been all over pink this year (see also: my dorm), so I was drawn to this notebook and pencil pouch like a magnet.  The "sweater weather" design is the perfect blend of subtle and quirky.  I love it so much that I went back and bought that double-walled traveler the next day!  The entire collection is a must-have for anyone who loves fall and isn't afraid to show it.

Recently, I've been trying to make Lip Smackers a thing again.  Scrunchies, plastic chokers, and retro Nickelodeon t-shirts are in, so why shouldn't Lip Smackers follow suit?  Not only are they vintage and adorable, I was surprised to find out this week that the scent stays on your lips for a shockingly long time.  My favorite right now is the Oatmeal Cookie lip balm, it's the perfect fall flavor!  I also adore those glosses pictured above.  And of course-- no Lip Smacker is as iconic as the Dr. Pepper lip balm.  They're not expensive and they pair perfectly with a Lisa Frank folder, so please join me in my valiant quest to make Lip Smackers a staple in backpacks everywhere again.

Coffee Cozies

Coffee cozies are the perfect accessory for fall, and I'll tell you why.  I never go to class without a Starbucks drink in my hand, whether it's a a hot Salted Caramel Mocha or an iced PSL.  Coffee Cozies kill two birds in one stone.  If you're taking a hot drink, you have a reusable alternative for a wasteful cardboard sleeve!  If you're taking an iced drink, you can slide one of these on your cup and carry them around without worrying about the condensation getting on your hands!  They're the ultimate, functional accessory for a season that's too cold for iced tea in the morning and too hot for hot chocolate in the afternoon.

I have two favorite retailers!  Jacques and Gus Gus up there were purchased from Wonderland Treasure Co, and Maui was purchased from BLH Stitches.

While Starbucks is the topic at hand...

Custom MiCo Creation Cup

I really, really wanted a custom tinkerkait Starbucks cup, but I was in between a few sellers.  Ultimately, I am so glad I decided on MiCo Creation!  For starters: take a look at that clean-cut holographic vinyl!  The design couldn't be more perfect, nor could the quality of my project.  But more importantly, I had an amazing customer service experience with this shop.  I gushed about it on my IG!  Essentially, when I first received my cup, USPS had handled it so poorly that it was cracked everywhere and unusable.  When I messaged MiCo to see what we could do, Claudi sent out a new product with no questions asked and was so sweet about it.  She went above and beyond, and I can't wait to continue supporting her and her business!

If you need a custom cup (spoiler alert: you do), head over to MiCo Creation.

Mario Badescu Skin Care: Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

The day after I moved back into school, my roommate (hi, Austin!) stopped me mid-makeup routine to generously offer a spritz of his Mario Badescu facial spray.  He claimed it primed makeup, set makeup, refreshed makeup, moisturized and calmed the skin.  At first, I was skeptical because I'm v. picky with the primers and setting sprays that I use.  But since I had forgotten my favorite setting spray at home, I decided I would give it a chance.  Ya'll... this spray means business.  I was working a 6-hour shift outside greeting new students as they moved into their dorm buildings, and I was so worried that my makeup would melt off.  It didn't budge thanks to Mario Badescu's spray of wonders.  I bought my own spray the next day at Urban Outfitters for the low, low price of $7 and I can't believe how much I've used it already.  I set my makeup with it every day.  I spray it on my hair once I step out of the shower and my hair smells like a rose garden all day.  I spray it on my face after I moisturize at night.  My skin has been feeling amazing for the past two weeks, I have a bottle of $7 setting spray that outlasts the $25 one I was previously using, and I have Mario to thank.  Get yourself to Urban and buy this spray ASAP.

... I bet you're surprised to see me posting on a Wednesday!  Don't worry: I'll be back Friday with another Walt Disney World related content piece for you.  But I want to know... how do you guys feel about surprise lifestyle posts once in a while, just to break up the Disney and update you guys about my life in Manhattan?  Let me know in the comments below, and of course-- tell me what your favorites this month are!


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